Thursday, December 29, 2016

december 2016

2016 is amost over! We've come a long way with the little time we had out on our land. For those who are following us, we've come to a decision to have something called a barndominium built on the lower portion of the land.  This will become the location for our business as well as a temporary home for us as we build our tiny home village.
However, this doesn't mean we're giving up on the dream of a cobb, a straw light clay and a train home.  It just makes more sense to have something built for us to start with since we truly don't have the time with our work schedules and NOT living on the land.
In the meantime, here's a little photo update of our shack.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Man check out this tiny little getaway!!  The blue tarp will be replaced by tin roofing

Nearly all of this material is reclaimed so I have NO Idea how much it cost.

We relaxed and played cards for a bit.

Friday, September 9, 2016

shopping list

This isn't exactly a readers blog, this is more of a list for me so I don't misplace it.

composting toilet

roofing materials
light fixtures
overhead fan/light
flooring materials
windows x 6-8
doors x2
plumbing pipes
bathroom sink/cabinetry for small corner

Sunday, April 3, 2016

We have running water and a porch!!

April 2-3, 2016
This weekend my husband proved, yet again, to be a superstar! 
A few weeks back he found a spring and began developing it. This weekend he tapped it and put it "on demand"!!
He also put a cute little porch and tin roof over our tiny weekend sleeper-shack.  
I'd like to say I had something to do with all of this progress but to be honest....he works alone on these small projects.  
Next easy/reclaimed material project: sleeper a-frame.
We still have plans to build our larger mini homes but they require 2x6 wood which we have not obtained yet.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

winter break/setback

We have been less than productive the end of 2015.   The holidays kept us away from our little piece of heaven and then a speedbump in the road.  The person financing my build had a setback in their finances so the building purchase/delivery is on hold!  But that's not going to stop us.  I'm trading services with a friend who works in construction.  I'm saving my pennies to buy lumber as needed and we'll tackle my husbands building as soon as possible.
For those that may not know what we're doing, we're building 2-3 tiny houses linked together with greenhouse walkways.  I like the idea of tiny houses, but I'm not really ready to commit to downsizing THAT much when I've got 2 large dogs, a husband, a son AND myself.  I really like the idea of having more than one tiny house. That way if someone needs a break or their own space as they grow up, they've got their own tiny home.

My husband and I also couldn't decide on what type of building to build.  Cobb, Straw light clay, traditional?  This way we can have it all.  
My husbands cottage will be traditional framing with straw light clay as our walls.  Our good friend Melvin can frame that structure in very little time as soon as we have purchased the materials. 

Building on a shoestring budget is difficult but not impossible!  Reclaimed materials, leftovers from construction sites and piecing bits together doesn't scare me.